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Current Parent

We highly recommend BSC Academy.

When we originally signed our son up our thought was that he would be able to improve his soccer skills, and he has, but we've been blessed with so much more.

Learning how to be a team player and learning how to manage frustration are definitely life skills that my son is learning at BSC Academy. Not only does he have an amazing coach who truly and genuinely cares about training the children, he is a coach that my son looks up to. His heart and his dedication toward the children has been amazing. My son gets so excited about every training session and game, it's a great atmosphere for any child to be in. You won't be disappointed.



Current Player

I have played for several clubs over the past 5 years and this club has been by far the best one. This is the best club because of one main reason, the coaching staff.

The club has different coaches run training sessions from time to time, so that we get a different perspective on style and strategy. This also gives our coaches a chance to take notes on what each player needs to improve. Good coaches do not go easy on players because we are ‘kids’, they make sure they teach us the proper way and the smart way to play. Every player has to work hard to make the team.

I really like the level of play at this club and the fact that we get to play against other rep level teams. All in all, this has been by far the best club I have played at.


V. & M.

Present Parents

Burlington SC Academy has proven to deliver great results in all aspects of soccer training and performance. Their professional coaches have not only been teaching our daughter the technical skills of soccer but also the passion, respect, the importance of team work and all the successes that come with it. We have been a part of Burlington SC Academy for two years now and the results are amazing, and we look forward to many more.



Noah’s Mum

Another BSC mom and I were talking during one of the practices, and one thing we both wholeheartedly agree on is that the coaches are very skilled at identifying both what each player is good at and what they need to improve. Each player shines in their position and I'm always amazed and impressed when I watch them in games!

Remember when I told you that a few months ago I noticed Noah was having trouble moving with the ball? He'd get the ball during a game and then need to pass it right away because dribbling the ball was one of his weaker skills. I worried about it because I didn't want him to hold back the team, but in just a couple of months he was dribbling MUCH better. It was then, at that moment when I saw him running and dribbling the ball confidently across the field in a game when just a month prior he couldn't, that I realized I don't need to worry about ANY of Noah's soccer training - the coaches are watching everything and taking note on what each player needs, and they are helping each child develop. It's really amazing considering how many kids each coach has to teach!

Most importantly for me, Brandon and Julian teach with so much care and compassion. They are SUCH good people, those two - the kind of men every mom hopes their son will grow up to be like. I know a lady whose son is so serious about trying to become a pro soccer player that the family made the decision for him to train in Europe. When I thought about that and Noah, my first gut reaction was that I could never send Noah to another academy, anywhere, and find coaches who care for him the way his BSC coaches do. And Noah has developed SO much and in such a short amount of time, I definitely think BSC is the right program, I don't need to look anywhere else. Maybe I should tell my friend to bring her son to Burlington so her son can join BSC!

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