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About Us

Our Academy

Our Academy has grown by leaps and bounds, all this time our values have remained the same. We want to ensure that kids are having fun, are growing as people and players, and our families are happy and engaged.

BSC Academy is pleased to announce that in 2018 we have obtained status of Ontario Recognized Academies (ORA). ORA is a program designed to identify private academies within Ontario. We have demonstrated an ability to meet a technical and administrative standard set by Ontario Soccer.



What sets us apart from other academies is the emphasis we put on the whole child. This is not just about soccer it is about developing young people into respectful and dedicated adults. We work towards improving their skills so they can move on to higher levels of the game, receive a scholarship for college, or just enjoy playing in a team environment. Teamwork is so important and apart from practice and games we run co-curricular team building exercises that teach the players how to rely on one another.

Some of our older players enjoy working with the club to gain coaching and/or refereeing experience and credentials. As we are a registered non-profit organization we also provide volunteer opportunities for our high school aged players.



To offer an academy program for elite youth soccer players that is recognized for excellence in personal achievement and athletic success. To promote each member player of our program with effective leadership and guidance towards the fulfillment of personal goals and the realization of reaching one's highest potential as a student-athlete, soccer player and as a person.



To provide a first class soccer academy program that develops first class soccer players. We are committed to the development and placement of every academy players. We are dedicated to total player development and offer a comprehensive program that guides our players to improve their soccer skills and develop as people.


Our players come from all ages and backgrounds - the one thing they have in common is a love of the game and the desire to be the best person and player they can be.



Our first priority is that our players are enjoying themselves, this happens before we even think about other soccer skills. Enjoyment of the game is something we look for in prospective players and we count it as an important skill because that feeling will keep them coming back because they want to improve their skills.



Everyone talks about development, but the specifics in the teaching methods are what make the difference. That is where our coaching experience and methods come into play. Technique is taught using maximum touches and repetitions of game like situational exercises. Technical training will occur the first 30-40 minutes of each practice and will usually have a ball to player ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. This also incorporates psychomotor development that provides movement, education and/or coordination training.

Small group Tactics and the principles of Attacking and Defending are taught through active participation and by the concept of the game is the teacher. The coach instructions are short, direct and inclusive. An ounce of words, a ton of practice.



Kids want to be competitive. We believe in placing kids of equal ability together. In a positive environment where kids are praised for trying their best and are not pressured in a results – oriented environment, competition is good and players will improve more rapidly.

Our Coaches

All of our coaches are experienced as players as well as coaches. They take the game seriously and want to make sure their players do as well. Although their first goal is to ensure their players enjoy the game, there is an expectation of excellence that runs through everything they do – from warm-ups, to practice, to games.



When is comes to soccer, just like any sport, you need to understand both the game and the skills it takes to be a great player. The most simple thing, like how you kick or head the ball, can improve a players skill level. In the higher levels when tactics and strategy becomes more important good coaching will make the difference between a winning academy level team, and a house league team.



All of our coaches are professional and certified. We introduce our younger coaches that have played (and some still do) at the some of the highest levels in international soccer. We like to have a mixture of younger coaches and more experienced coaches because the kids relate to the younger coaches and can follow their careers while respecting the wisdom and dedication of the older coaches. We insist that every coach has their first aid certification.



We instil discipline and expect respect and dedication from our players and their families. Our teams are strong cohesive units and each piece of that unit plays an important role. Our coaches know the game inside and out and have been playing and coaching for years. If a player is assigned a certain position it is because our coaches have seen something in them that the player might not even see - that is how our teams work.

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